Mindfulness and a good cup of tea




I realise up until this point my posts to be mostly about sitting meditation, so I thought it was time that I wrote about something that can help integrate mindfulness into everyday life. One of the best ways to bring mindfulness into  everyday life can be to focus on your favourite things and spend those times ensuring that you are  being mindful.

For me, a good time to  try and do this is when I have a cup of tea. Hopefully when you are stopping have a cup of tea it is a chance for you to relax and therefore also a great opportunity to take a moment to be mindful. A technique that can help bring about mindful awareness  of an experience is to bring your focus into each of the senses as you drink the cup of tea.

Sight: Focus for  the moment on the colour of the cup  of tea. If you are lucky enough to have had it made for you take a moment to appreciate the fact that they have made it just the way you like it.

Taste: For a moment focus on the bitter or sweetness of your tea, appreciate all the people that have  worked with the tea from the start  of its journey to being in your cup.

Touch: Take  a moment to appreciate the cup in your hands and how the  liquid feels as on   your tongue as you take a sip.

Smell: Is there smell that you associate with tea? Is it comforting? Take a moment to fully experience how that is making you feel.

Hearing: Although there may not be anything directly related to hearing to do with your cup of tea, there will probably be background noise that might distract you, just experience it and come back to the cup of tea as you would with the breath during meditation.

In order to make this exercise most effective, it is probably best if you focus on one sense each time you take a sip of tea. Although I have tea used in this example I think this exercise could be used when consuming any of your favourite food or drink. I think it is a good time to apply mindfulness because it makes me focus on things that I enjoy most and ensure that I appreciate them and I often find that I remember them more clearly because I was more focused on them.

This is just meant to be an initial guide that you could build on and adapt to suit you. For example, if there is one sense that you feel most comfortable with, maybe start with that and build on it as you get more comfortable

I hope that this has been helpful, thank you for reading.

*This blog was mostly typed with speech recognition software, please forgive any mistakes or oddnesses that have slipped through my proofreading process. Thank you.



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