An app that helped me: headspace


I mentioned in my first post that it was apps  that had allowed me to really develop a regular meditation habit before I was able to find an accessible class.  The first app that helped me  to do that was Headspace. If you have any interest in meditation you have probably heard of Headspace and Andy Puddicombe, as it is Andy’s voice that will be guiding you through each exercise.

Not only does headspace offer guided meditations that help you build up your confidence and your skills and also give you a specific meditation  to do  every day.  If you (like me) work better  when given a specific structure to follow then this is one of the app’s main selling points. Although I have had a few lapses in the past I have found that the way had spaces structured has really helped me stay motivated and keep meditating on a daily basis.


This video is an example of the way Andy explains things. The above example really helped change the way I saw my thoughts working and helped me try to stop getting dragged away by them.  The animations and tips and tricks that headspace provides are a really  quick and easy way to get an insight or a new perspective on something. Another example of this would be when talking about effort. Meditation is often compared to sleep, in that the best way to do it well is to not try at all. I  have always been quite a  goal orientated person so this doesn’t come naturally to me so this idea was another new and interesting perspective.

It’s important to try and remember that there is no such thing as a good meditation or bad meditation, just the practice. Even after nearly 100 days of consecutive practice many of my meditations are still really busy. I still feel like I’m benefiting from trying to take a step back from my thoughts, no matter whether I feel I have been that successful or not.

One of the things that you need to be sure of with any guided meditation is that you don’t have an instinctive dislike to the voice, in my experience this can affect whether or not you enjoy and get the most benefit out of your meditation. This doesn’t affect me with headspace but it has affected me when it comes to other meditations. Also once you feel you are confident with meditation then you may feel that there is a little too much guidance in each session, which can sometimes be distracting. Most of the time though it acts as a reminder to go back to the breath, it just depends what works for you

I found the visualisation technique extremely difficult when I first started using headspace and it even stop me using the for a while.  When I came back to it, when they asked me to visualise a light gradually spreading through my body I used the image of the Doctor regenerating to help me imagine it more successfully.

Some people may be put off by the cost but if you find take 10 (which is free for 10 days) useful and you use it every day and you feel the need to help to build the structure like I did then I think you may find it worth it

The thing I like most about headspace is all the techniques that it teaches you and the way that with each new pack I feel that I am developing my technique even further and throughout each pack there are videos that help you get the most out of each technique.

This is not the only app I use but it is the one I use most regularly.I will be talking about the other apps I have found helpful soon.

Check out Headspace  here

I hope that this has been helpful, thank you for reading.

*This blog was mostly typed with speech recognition software, please forgive any mistakes or oddnesses that have slipped through my proofreading process. Thank you.



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