Another App that Helped me: Buddhify



I wanted to talk about another app I have found really helpful. Buddhify is an app that focuses on meditation and bringing mindfulness into your everyday life.  One of the best parts about Buddhify is the amount of different techniques that are available, so you can do a specific meditation depending on what your mood is that day.

I have found the multitude of techniques  helpful because it means that there is always something new to explore. At the same time, if there is a technique I am comfortable with, I can go back to it as many times as I like. For example,  the one I have probably used most often is the Rain technique  in the ‘Feeling stressed’ section. (R.A.I.N. = Recognise, Allow, Investigate, Non-Identifying)   which is extremely helpful when there is something making me feel anxious.

One of my other favourite meditations  is a technique to help deal with critical thoughts. (found in the ‘Difficult emotions’ section)  This takes you through a  process where you are encouraged to give your everyday inner critic silly names. As in Doctor Who naming the monsters that you have to fight, making them weaker and giving you more space from these negative ideas. As you may know from previous posts anything that encourages the use of Doctor Who to help with meditation practice is going to get a thumbs up from me.

The Loving Kindness Technique. (Found in the Just meditation II section) This Meditation can seem awkward at first and they acknowledge this at the start of the guided meditation, which oddly helped me feel more comfortable more quickly. However awkward this is to begin with I have found it an important one to come back to because as well as practising loving kindness towards others it also focuses on developing loving kindness towards ourselves, something that we probably all need reminding of, especially when going through tough times.

As well as the techniques to use in  more traditional sitting meditation there are also techniques  that you can use  throughout the day.  One of the most useful areas that Buddhify has  techniques for is working online. I spend a lot of my time online so it would be good for me to be able to try and develop more mindfulness in this area. The techniques encourage you to think about the people connected to technology, whether users or developers, which seems a great way to try and widen awareness.  The tip to use blinking as an opportunity to  re-focus when you are working on the computer  is something that I am  definitely going to be trying to use more.

Although this is another paid app I have found it worth the money   just for the sheer variety it provides. Whenever I feel like I need a moment of calm this app will have something that can help me. I always find the meditations in this are both informative and soothing. I have probably only covered a fraction of what Buddhify entails in this post, the longer I have it the more I discover. On top of what I have discussed it includes techniques  for waking up, sleeping, waiting around and pretty much anything you can think of and in my opinion it is well worth the small upfront cost.

Buddhify is £2.99 on Google Play (Android) and £4.99 on the App Store (iPhone)


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