Thoughts From Practice



practice doodle

Cartoon drawing of a girl with brown wearing a green robe sat cross-legged on top of the stacked words Practice Practice Practice next to the last one is large red heart. In the background are imulti-coloured dots, some blue, some yellowy gold, siome green, some pink.

I have been doing meditation regularly for about three months now, so I thought I’d share some ideas with you from my practice.

I am managing to do about 10 minutes a day on a regular basis. The first thing that I think is important is finding the right time for you to meditate.  In my case I am unlikely to be able to  meditate first thing in the morning, this is when I have most of my support so it doesn’t make sense for me to meditate at this time and if I tried it would not be sustainable. Instead, I like to meditate in the early evening, as it helps me relax  at a time when most of my tasks for the day are done.

I don’t have a totally dedicated meditation space, but I do have a part of the room that is decorated by buddha doodles cards (one of my favourite images is shown above) and has my buddha-esque  statue (pictured at the top of this post) on the windowsill so although it is not a completely dedicated space it is definitely meditation-themed. I think having a space that is at least a little bit separated from the rest of your environment can be helpful, especially if you are just getting started with meditation.

One thing that I have been  finding difficult within my practice is that I don’t  seem to be able to keep my eyes shut for the entirety of my practice. Even when I try and have them semi-closed I still haven’t got the hang of staying in my meditation state fully.  I suppose I just need to get used to  noting when my eyes flicker  open and not letting it distract me or at least going straight back to the breath.

My spasms aren’t really a problem during my practice, they do happen if there is an unexpected loud noise, but I am able to bring my attention back easily, which is a definite improvement.

I would say I am seeing the benefits of my practice  as when I have negative or anxious thoughts I think I am quicker to pull myself away from them rather than letting them spin out in the way they used to, although I think this still varies very much from day to day depending on what’s happening.

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