RAIN Technique for Stress or Anxiety


temporaryCartoon drawing of a little Buddha in orange robes. He stands on a grassy hill, the whole sky behind him is full of dark black and grey rain clouds. Rain falls on him and he wraps his arms around himself. The caption reads ‘Temporary’  Picture by Molly Hahn at Buddha Doodles

It has been another week in my life when things have happened in the outside world that have made me quite anxious and I have found that meditation has seriously helped me stay a lot calmer than I would have been a few months ago.  Political happenings this week mean that there is a lot of uncertainty ahead and it’s likely that will cause a lot of anxiety for people, especially people who might feel more vulnerable.

I thought I would share with you one of my favourite techniques that I go to whenever I am feeling stressed. Again this is something I learnt initially from the buddhify app. I am a lot calmer when I have done this meditation, so I hope that other people will find it helps them to feel better too.

This meditation  takes about 10 minutes and there are four short stages. Ensure you are sitting comfortably in your usual meditation position.

The first stage is recognise, recognise what is going on for you at the moment. Is it anxiety, sadness or anger? Whatever it  is recognise it.

The second stage is allowing, whatever you’re feeling try and allow it,  try not to resist it and add another layer of story to it. If it’s really difficult to allow it then move on. Don’t be upset if this happens, just acknowledge it.

The third stage is investigate, are there any sensations in your body related to how you are feeling at the moment tension, churning in your stomach anything like that, investigate and acknowledge it, but again try not to get caught up in attaching stories to those sensations.

The final stage is non-identifying or not me. In this stage take a moment to remember that your thoughts are not a tangible part of who you are. Moods pass through your mind and change like the weather does throughout the days, weeks and seasons.

To go over the stages one more time they are:




Non-Identify or Not Me


A version of this technique also appears in This is Happening by Rohan Gunatillake which I am hoping to post a review of soon.

Thanks for reading, have a good week



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