This is Happening Book Review


rohan book coverImage has black background. The words This is Happening are in blue neon text (block capitals) underneath that in white text is ‘Redesigning mindfulness for our very modern lives’. Near the bottom of the page in sky blue text is ‘Rohan Gunatillake’ Underneath that in white text is ‘Creator of buddhify’.


This is the second time that I read this book through and I have found a useful both times. It is written in a way that if you want to, you can just  pick it up and read specific chapters, each of which focus on a different core technique within meditation, but I would recommend reading it all the way through at least once. The unique thing about this book is that as well encouraging you  to develop meditation techniques in the traditional way ,it also really encourages you to develop what it refers to as “mobile  meditation” where you take aspects of a core technique and use it while you’re out and about.

This book is written in a really accessible way but it still manages to be a really useful reference text. I like the way that each chapter starts with introducing the core technique and immediately relates it to a real life example of someone who had found it useful, which then made it easier to see how to apply the technique to myself. Each chapter then has ten exercises, a mixture of formal and mobile practices. A couple of my favourites are ‘Shoot Kindness’ and ‘Watch TV’   I have already used the book multiple times when I needed to refresh myself on a technique, for example when I was discussing the Loving Kindness technique and the RAIN technique, this book was one of the resources that I went to.

There are lots of things I will take away from reading this book, but the main ones are: thoughts are not facts, try not to take life too seriously and most of all how important it is to try and make mindfulness fit into your life rather than changing life to fit around mindfulness because that wouldn’t be sustainable.

The other unique thing about this book is that the last chapter is dedicated to encouraging you to develop your own meditation techniques. Something which I haven’t yet managed to do completely but I am working on. This book was also one of the main reasons that I  was inspired to start this blog, because it made me realise as I felt there was no information that was completely suited to people with specific needs then why not create it? this is a book that I will definitely keep coming back to and I am confident that I will always find something useful every time I read it. I would recommend it to anyone that is trying to find or develop mindfulness techniques to really suit them.


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