Mindfulness and Mobile Games


First of all, apologies if you thought this post was going to be about Pokemon Go, it’s not. It’s actually going to be about my first attempt to come up with my own mindfulness technique.

It’s based around the idea that an important part of mindfulness is about loosening our grip on things and trying not to take life quite so seriously.

I realised when I was playing a mobile game that I am quite addicted to that I was getting really frustrated for no reason, I was gripping my phone really strongly (I often put too much pressure in my grip anyway because of my CP) and there was lots of tension building up in my arms.  When I noticed this I decided to try and use it as my newest way of  bringing mindfulness into my every day life, in the hope that if I practice not getting too drawn in or frustrated by a game hopefully I will be able to apply it to other situations too.

So the next time you are playing your favourite mobile game, see if you can notice when you are getting too involved..

Notice the sensations that are there. Are you gripping tightly? Are there areas of your body that are full of tension? Notice whatever is there for you

Take a breath and bring yourself into wider awareness for a few moments.

If you want to you can spend a few moments focusing on relaxing the areas where you noticed tension or exploring any other sensations that you became aware of.

Repeat this technique  whenever you notice you are getting too involved or frustrated

Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments, did you find the technique helpful?


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