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Your Personal Slide Show


When it comes to meditation and mindfulness I have often Been encouraged to watch the mind like TV.  for some reason I haven’t found this helpful because I tend to get this image in my mind of a blank TV screen, you might think that this is a good thing as when I’m meditating it’s supposed to be about clearing my mind but instead I’m frustrated because to me I’m not doing the exercise in the right way.

As a slight  twist on this exercise and a way to try and note  when I am getting lost in thought, I have started trying to use the image of slides in a projector like this one.slide-projector

That way,  when I realise I have been distracted I can visualise taking that particular thought out of my ‘mental  projector’ and put something different in. It helps me come back to what I’m doing or move away from unhelpful thoughts. It’s a  more elaborate  version of the noting  practice that I have been doing as part of my meditation in the last couple of days.

The noting technique is one of my favourite techniques. You simply note whether you have been distracted by either thinking or feeling/sensation and then go back to the breath. One of the reasons I like it is because it is really easy to use in every day life as well as in practice. Whenever I notice I have been distracted I just note it and come back to what I’m doing. The more often you can note, the more present you will be. It’s a really easy way to make mindfulness a bigger part of your day.